At Simply Erotic Xtras, our team has conducted world-wide research and identified a broad variety of the common and unique adult oriented novelties for your pleasure.   Based on this research, we created  intimacy kits designed to energize your libido and bring electricity back into your lovemaking.  You also have the option of purchasing various items individually.

Whether you make love in the bedroom…or…living room…or…car…or… pool… our product selection is guaranteed to heighten your experience.

We realize discretion is very important to our customers. This is why your package will arrive in a plain brown box.  Your charge statement will list the purchase as Wing and a Prayer Enterprises, LLC or WAAPELLC.

The humble beginnings of the company

The idea for our company was borne during our honeymoon.  Yes, that’s correct…our honeymoon!  One night we were laying in bed and were very silly.  How else could we create a revolutionary new product….a fried chicken flavored vibrator!?!  From there we created a whole line of politically incorrect adult novelties.  Who would have ever thought that from that one moment, our business, Simply Erotic Xtras (or SEX) would begin taking shape.

Since 2012, we have worked on growing our business on a nationwide basis.  We have attended the Exxxotica, Nudes-A-Poppin and several other shows over the past few years.  In each show, we’ve been able to expand our business.  As a matter of fact, a few of the porn stars actively endorse our products.

The greatness of the company

It is best stated in our Mission Statement…” To bring joy through enhanced intimacy, fun, adventure and excitement to all couples regardless of age, race and sexual orientation”

We also believe in giving back to the community. We donate a percentage of EVERY SALE to the American Cancer Society. This cause was selected because cancer impacts everyone regardless of age, race or sexual orientation.

Why you should buy from us

As a woman-owned business, Simply Erotic Xtras believes that all individuals deserve happiness in at least one area of their life. An area that is often overlooked, forgotten or analyzed to death is the sexual health of individuals. People need to keep this aspect of their life vibrant and energized. What better way to do this than to bring fun and new stuff into the bedroom…OR…living room…..OR …shower…OR…. field of wildflowers…OR….well, you get the idea!

Obviously, we do not want to bore you with inane information about Simply Erotic Xtras. So in order to make it short & sweet. We are:

  • A business that takes the guesswork out of how to keep the fires burning in you sex life
  • A company that maintains a sense of humor and enjoys living life to its fullest
  • Socially conscious and care about the health and welfare of our clients, partners and employees. They are all part of our extended family.
  • Empowered to treat everyone with dignity and respect


Amy Kaplan

Amy Kaplan

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